"You need to believe in what you believe to make it happen." ~manulgupta

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Emotion of The Devil

It makes the thoughts evil, destroys our lives and of the ones around us
Takes control of our actions and traps us in its circus
The senses go numb, the sanity vanishes
We act in a way which causes enough harm before it perishes.
We react and run around in wilderness
Giving no thought to others' or our own kindness
Are our actions justified? Is it okay to be in this state?
We may justify it but we can never rectify it
Words once spoken cannot be taken back,
Actions once acted will react till the end of their ripple effect
We need to control it, we need to overcome it,
We need to run away from it if we have to
Because being insane and hurting others is not something we want to
And once we have taken control, we need to help others too
Because no one likes to create chaos, it just makes them do
So, get over it and help others control it,
For only then can there be peace and a life without foes.
Wondering what "it" is?
Wondering where am I going with this thought process of my own?
Well, I will lift the curtains and clear the confusion,
As all this wreckage and all the this conundrum is caused by a single emotion,
It puts us and the ones around us in danger,

And usually goes by the name Anger.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

It's YS

'It' gives me happiness
'It' takes away all the pain,
'It' cheers me up and I feel like dancing in rain,
'It' gives me pleasure,
It’s my greatest leisure
Being able to bring 'It' to you is my treasure,
I want to treasure 'It' every time I see and
want to cherish 'It' every time I feel,
I want 'It' to be a part of me, but 'It' comes to me
When 'It' is with you
For only you can maintain 'It' because 'It' loves you
And I love you the most with 'It',
'It' that is my lifeline, and that 'It' ~
Is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen;

Your Smile :)